What is Cognituner

Cognituner Ltd is a Finnish software company founded in 2016. The Cognituner application is a tool for cognitive rehabilitation developed by neuropsychologists. The Pro-version is designed for professionals of cognitive rehabilitation who need a modern tool for their clients. The mobile application consists of game-like exercises that train and support cognitive functions. Professionals can design, personalize and follow up on the rehabilitation process on their own device. Cognituner also enables remote rehabilitation in real time.

The clinical development has been done by:

Jaana Sarajuuri_henkilökortti

Jaana Sarajuuri

Clinical neuropsychologist, LicPsych, Head of Unit of Clinical Neuropsychology and Psychology, Director of the INSURE program, Validia Rehabilitation Helsinki, Ph.D Candidate, University of Helsinki

Jaana is working as the Head of Unit of Clinical Neuropsychology and Psychology at Validia Rehabilitation, Helsinki (formerly known as Käpylä Rehabilitation Centre). She has been working in the field of neuropsychological rehabilitation with brain injured patients for 30 years. Since 2000 she has been the director of the holistic INSURE program (Individualized Neuropsychological Subgroup Rehabilitation Program for TBI patients). Scientific research, development of methods for neuropsychological rehabilitation and assessment, articles in international and Finnish journals and books, working with international and local societies and networks are represented in Jaana's work. Her Ph.D thesis focuses on TBI rehabilitation.

Together with Sanna she has been developing computer-based cognitive rehabilitation for 25 years (FORAMENRehab Cognitive Rehabilitation).


Sanna Koskinen

Clinical Neuropsychologist, University Lecturer, Ph.D., University of Helsinki

Sanna acts as a teacher and a researcher at the University of Helsinki. Previously she has been working for about 30 years at the Käpylä Rehabilitation Centre (Validia Rehabilitation Helsinki) as the head of the unit of neuropsychology and psychology. She has been working with brain injured patients for more than 30 years. Her present focus in research and developmental activities are on TBI rehabilitation in its different forms. One of her main focuses of interest is neuro-psychotherapy, Sanna is the chair of the Finnish Association for Neuropsychotherapy. Her publications include peer-reviewed articles as well as chapters in handbooks both in Finland and abroad. Co-operation with Finnish and international networks is a part of her work.

Together with Jaana and professionals in the field of applied games, Sanna has continued to develop computer-administered cognitive rehabilitation which started already over 25 years ago. The present version is a mobile application, Cognituner.

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