From the Professional's perspective

In an ideal situation, the neuropsychologist works as part of a multi professional team with a holistic approach to rehabilitation. In this case, cognitive rehabilitation is one central element of the whole rehabilitation process. Evidence-based research has shown that cognitive training may improve cognitive functioning after brain injury. With training on mobile devices, the process can be even more effective as the Client can train outside of appointment times e.g. at home. Both the Client and the Therapist can follow progress remotely and plan the process together.

Frequently asked questions

1. What do I get when I buy Cognituner?

Cognituner Pro consists of all the exercises and enables the Professional to prescribe the most relevant individual exercise regimes for their Clients. It is like prescribing a recipe. During the rehabilitation process, the exercise regimes are amended by the Professional according to the individual needs of the Client. Cognituner Pro also has a Professional interface where recipes can be sent and the training progress can be analysed. The Professional can let a Client use the tablet device with the Client interface to perform the exercises and then switch to Professional view to analyse the results.

2. What are the hardware requirements?

Cognituner works on iOS and Android devices.

3. Where can I get Cognituner?

Cognituner Pro and Premium Pro licenses can be purchased from Cognituner Oy. Cognituner Personal is acquired as an in-app purchase.

4. Does installing the application require special skills?

Installing the application does not require any special skills. After you install the app from the relevant App store, all you need to do is log in with either Pro or Client credentials and all relevant functions are open to you.

5. Does Cognituner have customer support?

You can always contact us by email: